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Websites don’t just build themselves, and the best are changing all the time. Maintenance is something that most businesses forget to budget. Or if they remember, they think that they’ll just do it themselves. But the first time you delete your entire home page by mistake and lose 8 hours of sales trying to get it back up and running, you’ll wish you’d spent the extra money on a maintenance contract.


Maintenance contracts vary greatly depending upon what you expect from the firm. You should budget a minimum of $60/hour to have a designer on call if you have a problem that you can’t fix. And if you expect them to do additional work such as creating new images, adding new content, maintaining social media or newsletters, etc. the rate will be $60/hour.  See the pricing structure below!







So, for a minimal site you can spend as little as $1200 or as much as $20,000 or more. What you budget should be based on what your business needs, but this should give you a good starting point.

To get an idea of what your cost of the site will be, use this link to see what the current rate is for the site you are looking to build.  You can get an estimate as to what a freelancer would charge to do the site.


Below is a portfolio of active sites I have designed and implemented on the web:

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